What is CERT Polska and what is its mission?

CERT Polska is a part of NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network) – a research institute that also operates the .pl TLD registry and offers a range of advanced telecom services. CERT Polska is the first CSIRT established in Poland. Since its inception in 1996, thanks to a dynamic activity in the CERT/CSIRT community, the team has become a recognized and experienced player in the field of computer security. The core activities provided by CERT Polska include incident handling and cooperation with similar units around the world, both in operational fields and research and development. CERT Polska is a member of various international forums and working groups, including FIRST (since 1998), TF-CSIRT (since 2000) and APWG (since 2010). In 2005, CERT Polska started a forum for the Polish abuse incident handling teams – Abuse Forum.

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