Securing the .pl domain

MWDB – our way to share information about malicious software

Data publikacji: 16/01/2019, CERT Polska

Analysis of current threats is one of the most common challenges facing almost any organization dealing with cybersecurity. From year to year, it also becomes a harder nut to crack, being undoubtedly influenced by the growing scale of activities undertaken by criminals and the degree of their advancement. In the face of this situation, efficient [...] Read more

Dissecting Smoke Loader

Data publikacji: 18/07/2018, Michał Praszmo

Smoke Loader (also known as Dofoil) is a relatively small, modular bot that is mainly used to drop various malware families. Even though it’s designed to drop other malware, it has some pretty hefty malware-like capabilities on its own. Despite being quite old, it’s still going strong, recently being dropped from RigEK and MalSpam campaigns. [...] Read more

Technical aspects of CTF contest organization

Data publikacji: 09/07/2018, Michał Leszczyński

CTF competitions often turn out to be a great amusement, but they also play a very important role in training of IT security specialists. Such kinds of challenges are challenging both to contestants and organizers. This article will describe organizational aspects related to such competitions, taking European Cyber Security Challenge 2018 qualifications as an example.
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n6 released as open source

Data publikacji: 21/06/2018, pp

We are happy to announce that another system developed by our team, n6 (Network Security Incident eXchange), has been released to the community on an open source licence.
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