Securing the .pl domain

SECURE 2019 – Call for Speakers

Data publikacji: 25/04/2019, misza

Call for Speakers for SECURE 2019 is now open. If you have an interesting topic and would like to share your ideas with a crowd of Polish and international IT security specialists, please consider submitting your proposal. You will find all applicable information below. SECURE 2019 will be held on October 22-23, 2019 in Warsaw, [...] Read more

Incidents and incident reports in 2018

Data publikacji: 15/03/2019, przemyslawf

Publication of our annual report is coming soon. Editing is moving forward at full speed, but in the meantime we’d like to share some statistics concerning 2018. This statistics provide a big bicture of an IT security landscape in Poland and as well conclusions about major trends in this area. For many years already CERT [...] Read more

Strengthening our malware analysis capabilities

Data publikacji: 21/02/2019, piotrb

During last year we have collaborated with on improving the open source Cuckoo Sandbox. The main works were focused on porting advanced mechanisms for memory analysis which were developed internally by our team in the previous years. The public release of the onemon marks the last stage of this collaboration. We are proud that [...] Read more

Detricking TrickBot Loader

Data publikacji: 05/02/2019, Michał Praszmo

TrickBot (TrickLoader) is a modular financial malware that first surfaced in October in 20161. Almost immediately researchers have noticed similarities with a credential-stealer called Dyre. It is still believed that those two families might’ve been developed by the same actor. But in this article we will not focus on the core itself but rather the [...] Read more