Securing the .pl domain

CFP Secure 2020

Data publikacji: 19/03/2020, piotrb

24th edition of iconic and the oldest cybersecurity conference in Poland. Do you love being on stage (or at least you don’t faint) and have something interesting to say? Apply!
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What’s up Emotet?

Data publikacji: 18/02/2020, Michał Praszmo

What’s up, Emotet? Emotet is one of the most widespread and havoc-wreaking malware families currently out there. Due to its modular structure, it’s able to easily evolve over time and gain new features without having to modify the core. Its first version dates back to 2014. Back then it was primarily a banking trojan. These [...] Read more

Brushaloader gaining new layers like a pro

Data publikacji: 19/11/2019, Michał Praszmo

Yo dawg, I heard you like droppers so I put a dropper in your dropper On 2019-11-18 we received a report that some of Polish users have began receiving malspam imitating DHL: In this short article, we’ll take a look at the xls document that has been used as a (1st stage) dropper distributing another [...] Read more