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Mole ransomware: analysis and decryptor

Data publikacji: 30/05/2017, Jarosław Jedynak

Mole ransomware is almost month old ransomware (so it’s quite old from our point of view), that was distributed mainly through fake online Word docs. It’s a member of growing CryptoMix family, but encryption algorithm was completely changed (…again). We became interested in this variant after victims contacted us asking for a decryptor. Remembering that [...] Read more

Analysis of Emotet v4

Data publikacji: 24/05/2017, Paweł Srokosz

Introduction Emotet is a modular Trojan horse, which was firstly noticed in June 2014 by Trend Micro. This malware is related to other types like Geodo, Bugat or Dridex, which are attributed by researches to the same family. Emotet was discovered as an advanced banker – it’s first campaign targeted clients of German and Austrian [...] Read more

SECURE 2017 – Call for Speakers

Data publikacji: 23/05/2017, przemek

Call for Speakers for SECURE 2017 is now open. If you have an interesting topic and would like to share your ideas with a crowd of Polish and international IT security specialists, please consider submitting your proposal. You will find all applicable information below. SECURE 2017 will be held on October 24-25 in Warsaw, Poland. [...] Read more

We are joining the No More Ransom Project

Data publikacji: 11/04/2017, piotrb

From the beginning of April we are officially an Associate Partner of the No More Ransom Project. Its main goal is to fight ransomware by helping victims with free decryption of their files. It is coordinated, among others, by Europol, and it connects law enforcement agencies and private sector companies from around the world. Our [...] Read more