Securing the .pl domain

Mtracker – our take on malware tracking

Data publikacji: 26/01/2018, Jarosław Jedynak

High-level overview CERT Polska collaborates in SISSDEN (Secure Information Sharing Sensor Delivery event Network) project. One of its goals is to create feeds of actionable security information, that will be further processed by relevant entities (like security and academic researchers, CERTs, LEAs etc.).
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Analysis of a Polish BankBot

Data publikacji: 16/01/2018, Agnieszka Bielec

Analysis of a Polish BankBot Recently we have observed campaigns of a banking malware for Android system, which targets Polish users. The malware is a variant of the popular BankBot family, but differs from the main BankBot samples. Its victims were infected by installing a malicious application from Google Play Store. We are aware of [...] Read more

A deeper look at Tofsee modules

Data publikacji: 19/10/2017, Jarosław Jedynak

Tofsee is a multi-purpose malware with wide array of capabilities – it can mine bitcoins, send emails, steal credentials, perform DDoS attacks, and more. All of this is possible because of its modular nature. We have already published about Tofsee/Gheg a few months ago – Reading or at least skimming it is probably required [...] Read more

Ramnit – in-depth analysis

Data publikacji: 29/09/2017, Michał Praszmo

If we look on Ramnit’s history, it’s hard to exactly pin down which malware family it actually belongs to. One thing is certain, it’s not a new threat. It emerged in 2010, transferred by removable drives within infected executables and HTML files. A year later, a more dangerous version was released. It contained a part [...] Read more