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MadProtect, not that mad

Data publikacji: 03/02/2016, mak

Some weeks ago we stumbled on a packer that our tools could not break. Surprisingly, this is actually not that common since most of the malware in the wild uses some sort of RunPE technique which is relatively trivial to break using simple memory tracing.

MadProtect is not any different, it looks like a “HackingForums-grade” packer – nevertheless our tools failed to handle it properly. At first we did not look into the original binary, which was a mistake that could have saved us a lot of unnecessary effort into debugging our code. Instead, it turned out to be enough to look at the logs from tracer and binaries it produced.

The dumped binaries looked somewhat weird with a bunch of nops and other junk code which seems to do nothing. What struck us as odd was the regularity of nop-blocs: all of them seemed to be 0×10 bytes long (yes, we know we cannot count  ), and we can see a lot of 0×10 bytes writes in tracer logs: coincidence?
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