Win a Honeynet Workshop pass! (UPDATE)

Date of publication: 02/04/2014, CERT Polska

hnp-workshop-crackmeDo you want to attend the Honeynet Workshop Conference in Warsaw? If you solve our CrackMe and you will be the first one to do, you can win a free conference pass. The task is to find “flags” – strings connected to the file that we made specifically for this competition. You should use your creativity and skills to find all of the flags and you will get to be at the place where the world-famous IT security specialist will present and debate their ideas.

Between 12th and 14th of May in Adgar Plaza Conference Centre The Honeynet Project foundation, CERT Polska and NASK will host a “2014 Honeynet Project Security Workshop”. In this year’s edition IT security experts, such as Felix Leder (malware reverse engineering), Tillmann Werner (botnet mitigation), Brian Hay (virtualization security), Angelo Dell’Aera (web security), Mahmud Ab Rahman (mobile malware) will present their ideas. Some of them will also host hands-on sessions.

If you take part and win our competition you can get a free conference pass. We created a special file (md5 fingerprint is

<span class="text">d0234706b40f2816f82801be6e85d6b0</span>

) to which a total of 10 flags are somehow related. All of them are easily recognizable once you find them, because they are of the form

<span class="text">flag{xxx}</span>

, where

<span class="text">xxx</span>

is a string made of ASCII printable characters excluding whitespaces. The person which uncovers most of the flags and is a first one to do so wins a pass.

All flags have to be submitted using a form created for this contest. Flags should be submitted separately. One free pass will be given to a Polish winner and the other one to one of our international readers. You should pay attention to provide always the same e-mail address, because this is how we identify that the same person have submitted a flag. When submitting a flag text remember to only provide the inside string, e.g. when you will find

<span class="text">flag{ThisInAnExample}</span>

you should enter

<span class="text">ThisIsAnExample</span>

(by the way, this is not one of the flags).

Person who can find most of the flags wins the challenge. In case there is a tie in the number of flags then the person who provided his last flag first wins. Submissions deadline is 14th of April, 10:00 CEST. Winners will be notified by an e-mail on the same day. If you have any questions or doubts you can contact us using the e-mail address: [email protected]. Any flag submissions made to this address are invalid and not counted.

Good luck and have fun!

CrackMe solved

CrackMe has ended. One of the users have sent all 10 flags (congratulations and check you mailbox!). We have published a writeup with solution and some statistics. Hope you all had fun!