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A look on the VBKlip “battlefield”

Date of publication: 29/05/2014, CERT Polska

loveletter1On multiple occasions we informed about a new threat to Polish online banking users, which we named VBKlip. This is a new kind of malware that substitutes the bank account number that has been copied to the clipboard. This works when we try to, e.g. pay a bill, and we copy the bank account number to paste it to the online banking wire transfer page. Instead of paying the bill we send that money to the attacker. In this article, we publish a detailed analysis of this threat. We consider it a serious threat, because we constantly receive reports from users that they have been infected with it and their money has been stolen.

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New .NET banking malware (VBKlip): no network usage, no registry entries and no AV detection

Date of publication: 23/01/2014, CERT Polska

2014-01-21-iconWe recently blogged about a new strain of malware called VBKlip. This malware was aimed at Polish online banking users. In the last few days a new, revised version of this malware has resurfaced. This new version is written in .NET and has a few new ideas which seem to result in the fact that none of the three samples we were able to obtain were detected by any of the antivirus solutions present on VirusTotal. This is what makes this threat especially dangerous to the users. The new malware spreads as “Adobe Flash Player” and has an icon as the one on the left.
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