Date of publication: 21/06/2016, alex

SISSDeN will improve the cyber security posture of EU organisations and citizens through the development of increased situational awareness and the effective sharing of actionable information.

SISSDeN will deliver multiple new high-quality and trusted feeds of salient actionable security information that will be used for remediation purposes and for proactive tightening of computer defences, at no cost to the recipients. These unique new data feeds will be possible thanks to the development and deployment of a large distributed sensor network based on beyond state-of-the-art honeypot/darknet technologies, enhanced sandbox systems and the creation of a high-throughput automated data processing and sharing centre based in Europe. SISSDeN will not only provide in-depth analytics on the collected data, but will also develop metrics that will be used to establish the scale of some measurable security issues within the EU. Finally, a curated reference data set will be created and published, to provide a ground breaking, high-value resource to academia and researchers in the field, thereby encouraging future innovation and continued security research excellence in Europe.

The project consortium consists of:

    • Naukowa i Akademicka Sieć Komputerowa
    • Montimage EURL
    • CyberDefcon Ltd.
    • Universität des Saarlandes
    • Deutsche Telekom AG
    • Eclexys SAGL
    • Poste Italiane — Societa per Azioni
    • Stichting The Shadowserver Foundation Europe

Project SISSDEN has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020-DS-2015-1) under grant agreement no. 700176.