SECURE is a conference dedicated entirely to IT security and addressed to administrators, security team members and practitioners in this field. SECURE’s unique feature is the organisers’ commitment to providing participants with reliable information about everything that is current and meaningful in IT security. A high professional level of the talks is ensured by CERT Polska during the paper selection process. Particular emphasis is on practical solutions, analysis of the current threats, latest trends in countering threats as well as important legal issues. Participants have an opportunity to gain the latest knowledge, improve their qualifications and exchange experience with experts.

While new technologies are introducing new types of threats, the threats of the past are still surprisingly successful and even gaining traction, becoming elements of more elaborate attacks. From old viruses subjected to a hint of cosmetic surgery and branded as advanced malware, through dictionary attacks, DDoS to social engineering and botnets, the “good old PC” is still the main attack target – and tool for cyber crime, cyber espionage, and even the much hyped “cyber war”.  While one might think that currently available technical measures are adequate for dealing with many of these threats, procedural and legal deficiencies often hold us back. During SECURE 2013 we will explore answers to why this is the case and ask difficult questions that cut across the full spectrum of possible threat mitigation strategies: such as how to educate users to deal with the rapid personalization of attacks, handle recovery from so-called APT attacks and discourage criminals by increasing the costs of their operations, cutting their profits and effectively prosecuting them.

SECURE 2013 will be held on October 9-10 at Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Poland, focused around three main tracks:

    • technical – practical aspects of implementation and integration of security solutions
    • organisational – new trends in attacks, threats and their mitigation
    • legal

    Full presentations

    We are looking for speakers willing to deliver a talk covering one or more of the following subjects:

    • human factor in computer and network security
    • Polish and European law in regards to computer and information security
    • law enforcement tasks in regards to computer and information security
    • Advanced Persistent Threat attacks
    • malware analysis, including viruses, worms and botnets
    • monitoring of network threats
    • intrusion detection
    • innovatory honeypot and sandbox applications
    • security of smartphones and other mobile systems
    • security events visualisation
    • cloud security
    • security of IPv6
    • VoIP security
    • security of SCADA systems and control networks
    • early warning systems
    • incident handling
    • standards for security incident data exchange
    • DDoS attacks and their mitigaion
    • evaluation of efficiency of known tools in new attack scenarios
    • open source security tools
    • protection of online identity
    • steganography in telecommunication networks
    • research projects in the area of computer and information security
    • international cooperation in the area of computer and information security
    • public-private partnership in the area of computer and information security

    Important facts

    • proposals for presentations should be submitted via email to [email protected] and should include the title of presentation, its abstract and short bio of the author, mentioning former conference talks where applicable
    • time for presentation: 45 minutes, including q&a
    • commercial presentations will not be accepted
    • all materials should be submitted in one of the following formats: OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, PDF
    • slides of presentations will be made available to all participants in an electronic version unless strictly prohibited by the speaker
    • authors of accepted proposals will receive full conference package (workshops not inclusive), but they are responsible for their travel and accomodation

    Important dates

    • Proposals submission until: June 3, 2013
    • Acceptance notice by: July 8, 2013
    • Presentation submission by: September 30, 2013

    Lightning talks

    We encourage participants of SECURE to share their thoughts. One of the conference blocks will include lightning talks, allowing everyone to talk briefly about their projects, works, ideas or problems. Everything goes, as long as it touches IT security.

    Important facts about lightning talks

    • maximum time for a talk is 5 minutes and total time for all talks will be limited
    • application for a lightning talk can be submitted at any time after you have registered for the conference; this can be done early, by sending an email to: [email protected], or during the conference
    • the organisers reserve the right to accept or refuse any lightning talk application